Extreme motorcycle games from Friv5Online Games Studio

Extreme motorcycle games from Friv5Online Games Studio is in much less demand than car racing games. Nevertheless, a few good projects about motorcycles can be found - we have collected them in this collection.


The motorsport World Championship series tops our list. Everything is as it should be: choose a motorcycle, set it up and go to the track - knead the dirt and push your rivals, trying to achieve success and win the champion's cup.

MXGP attracts attention with beautiful graphics (especially on PC) - the Unreal Engine 4 is responsible for the visual beauty , so the bikes delight with detail, the helmets and suits of the racers are gradually covered with mud, and the wheels change the track, leaving furrows on it. The gameplay is no less good here: you can customize the game to your liking, making it an enjoyable arcade game or a furious simulator.


A franchise that is completely dedicated to off-road racing . Players have access to many modes, a large selection of vehicles (apart from motorcycles, there are also ATVs and buggies), extensive customization options for "steel horses" - and all this with very nice graphics.

You can race in MX vs ATV alone, competing with AI, and online, where up to 16 players go to the track. There is no lack of content here, so you won't get bored in local competitions.


The ideological successor of the famous Road Rash, in which gamers are waiting for dynamic races with fights - here you have to not only quickly drive along the highway, maneuvering in traffic, but also pound rivals with bats, pipes and other improvised tools. The whole action takes place in a post-apocalyptic world , and even has a plot background: the heroes are chasing a mysterious killer, for whose head an impressive reward is promised.

Road Redemption can be completely played in multiplayer mode, and the screen is divided into two , three or even four players - so, if you have a game and a sufficient number of gamepads , you will not have a question of what to do with your friends who have come to visit.


Motorcycle races from studio RedLynx and Ubisoft, in which players have to conquer hundreds of tracks of varying degrees of difficulty. To successfully pass all the tests, it is necessary to correctly balance, choose the correct speed in different sections and, if possible, avoid accidents. At the same time, it is also advisable to perform tricks on motorcycles, find secrets on the tracks, go through mini-games - in general, do everything to make the race as spectacular as possible.

Each game in the Trials series contains a huge number of tracks, which can also be replenished by downloading custom tracks. If the Single Player Challenges are not challenging enough for you, try competing with other players in multiplayer and setting new records for the global leaderboard.


Hundreds of bikes from a wide variety of manufacturers, dozens of tracks, a variety of racing modes - all this you will find in the games of the RIDE series. The developers have tried to accommodate almost all possible entertainment in one game: here you will find races along tight city streets, and off-road races, and competitions on real-life tracks. Of course, it was not without a thorough customization of the bikes, including tuning the appearance and fine tuning of components.

RIDE invites gamers to take part in the World Tour and get a champion title in the fight against an AI-controlled enemy, as well as compete with other players in multiplayer, which is available here both online and on the same computer, in split screen mode.


A series built on the rules of the MotoGP championship. You won't have to conquer off-road here: all motorcycle races take place on highways, and players can try out bikes that are not available for sale and are designed specifically for the championship. MotoGP motorcycle racing games allow you to compete with AI and rival players online, and an impressive amount of content (modes, bikes and tracks) does not get bored.


A game based on the official motocross world championship: gamers are waiting for off-road racing on bikes roaring and throwing mud. You can ride in various modes, including online, but it is worth considering that the gameplay of the project is far from the concept of "realistic", so your skills most likely will not undergo a serious test.


The line of games, which dates back to 1997, and currently has 4 issues, the last of which is dated 2016. It attracts with an entertaining arcade gameplay, a large number of bikes and a good soundtrack , but over the years it can scare off with unsightly graphics (of course, except for Moto Racer 4).


Arcade motorcycle racing, in which gamers are invited not only to race on the tracks, but also to develop their own motorcycle club. The garage can be filled with a couple of dozen licensed bikes (including custom and roadsters), and rides can be arranged with both AI and friends online. Alas, with all this, the game cannot be called realistic and worked out to the smallest detail, so you should not expect any revelations from it.


Urban freestyle bike riding: Players must overcome obstacles, perform stunts and set records against the backdrop of urban landscapes. The game resembles a series of Trials or, if you prefer, Gravity Defied: the same movement in two planes, the same gameplay with attempts to maintain balance, the same furious (in some places) difficulty. Only a small amount of content is upsetting.


A crazy arcade action game that combines motorcycle racing and exciting battles. At your disposal are 4 bikers and an impressive set of tricks that you have to use in battles against alien garbage bots. Unusual, but very dynamic and addicting game.


Another motorcycle platformer dedicated to overcoming difficult tracks and performing a variety of tricks on a T-shirt. You must not only go through all the obstacles, but also do it as beautifully as possible - the more points you earn for the challenge, the more new tracks and customization items you will discover!


Adrenaline races timed to coincide with the Monster Energy Supercross 2017 championship. The project features all the official tracks of the competition, including the spectacular Florida Daytona. Racers have access to career sections, an online game, a track editor and several hundred elements for customizing a bike and a personal avatar.


A motorcycle racing simulator from the authors of the Dying Light franchise. The riders will fight for the championship on seasonal routes for the speedway world championship in 2015 . The game provides arcade and realistic control modes, and bikes can be repaired and tuned.


A series of road-circuit motorcycle racing simulators with realistic physics and a very juicy picture. Players have access to all stages of the TT competition, dozens of motorcycles and tracks open for free riding, and the crown of both parts of Ride on the Edge is the famous track on the Isle of Man, which is considered one of the most dangerous in the world.


A separate game from the Milestone racing series, dedicated to the nine-time world champion in motorcycle racing Valentino Russia . The players will have to try their hand at the most important competitions from the Italian motorcyclist's career. Controls and graphics have migrated to the project from MotoGP15.


Cartoon game about motorcycle stuntman Joe, made in the style of Trials. The players are waiting for deadly stunts, more than a hundred of the most diverse tracks and difficult tests. The game features an integrated level editor in Steam Workshop and competitive modes against other players and ghosts.


A game inspired by Isle of Man TT, created for owners of virtual reality headsets. The project pleases with a good physical model and very realistic accidents, but lacks multiplayer and includes only ten racing tracks.


The Lost and Damned add-on to the cult Grand Theft Auto IV invites you to play the role of Johnny Klebitz, a member of The Lost biker gang. An exciting story campaign full of adventure, gunfights and, of course, rides on growling bikes, including participation in racing competitions awaits you.


The fourth project of one of the best motorcycle racing series. The developers promise a fundamentally new physical model, advanced AI rivals, a dynamic change of the time of day, hundreds of bikes and incredible detailing of the most famous tracks in the world. The game is scheduled for release on October 8, 2020.


Biker simulator with freedom of movement on more than four thousand kilometers of roads. According to the developers, players will not only be able to travel all over America, but also manually tune and repair a motorcycle, visit bars, gamble and sleep in motels. A release date for the game has yet to be announced.


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