Queen of Angels Oratory
St. Catharines, Ontario, 2006

Easter Sunday 2006 Solemn Mass was celebrated<br>at St. Joseph's Hospital Chapel, London, Ontario<br>with Fraternity members (L-R) Deacon William Lawrence,<br>Fr. Howard Venette, M.C. Seminarian Simon Harkins,<br>and substitute Subdeacon Seminarian Douglas Meadours. Bishop James Wingle of St. Catharines administered<br>the Sacrament of Confirmation on April 28, 2006. Parish Picnic, August 6, 2006
Parish Picnic, August 6, 2006 Fraternity Seminarians Peter Bauknecht, Simon Harkins<br>and Edward Heffernan enjoy a game of Bocce while visiting parishioners of Queen of Angels.