Seminarium BMV de Guadalupe
Consecration of the new chapel, 3 III 2010
Album 5: Consecration of the Church and its altars

The bishop proceeds to anoint the walls of the church on the twelve crosses inscribed on them
After each cross is anointed, it is incensed
The bishop anoints the doorposts with Chrism
Once all of the crosses have been anointed,<br>he returns to the altar and sings a prayer
The bishop and his ministers ascend the altar<br>and he anoints it with Sacred Chrism in nine places
The co-consecrators follow the same procedure at their altars
On the five crosses on the top of the altar that he earlier anointed with Chrism,<br>the bishop forms five crosses with grains of incense.<br>Upon each of these crosses, he places a wax cross. The acolytes light the wax crosses on the altar
The co-consecrators do the same at their altars
The bishop then sings the preface while the co-consecrators recite it at their respective altars
The bishops, ministers, and servers then process out of the Church<br>to prepare for the celebration of Mass.<br>Meanwhile the altars are cleaned and prepared<br>for the celebration of the Holy Sacrifice.