New ways to cheat in card games

Mottled cards

Cards on blackjack sheet can be marked in different ways: special invisible ink, barcodes, tiny cuts, etc. Pre-prepared decks are also sold, with symbols corresponding to the face value of the card printed on their shirts. Special lenses help you see these symbols (in ultraviolet).

The latter method is very popular because it requires no special knowledge or skills, and is also easily accessible: just a few minutes to surf the net.

Ways to combat: a frequent change of deck, a proven supplier of playing cards. Cheating lenses are not like regular lenses, they are quite easy to detect, so cheaters often wear sunglasses.

Deck Analyzers

The most advanced developments in poker cheating tell the cheater simple and straightforward information: who will win the next hand. The cheater's "kit" consists of several components:

  • A barcode-labeled deck (on all four sides of the cards),
  • a tiny microphone,
  • a smartphone (which analyzes the deck),
  • scanner.

The last thing is the hardest, because the scanner has to "see" the deck. It can be built into a lighter, a bag, and other accessories that are not forbidden to carry.

The working scheme is usually as follows: the scanner is installed in a convenient location, the deck "looked through", the information is sent to the analyzer (with special software), it gives a ready response in the microphone (mini-headset). It all takes less than a second.

Sometimes the scanner is combined with the analyzer in one device: a smartphone. It does not differ in appearance from its "brothers" and even performs most of the functions of a standard smartphone.

Ways to combat: careful observation of the gaming table - no unnecessary objects on its surface, no objects on the level of the table. The dealer should deal cards from his hand, which will protect players from possible peeping or reading opponents' cards.

Universal anti-cheating methods

Most modern casinos and poker clubs have their own security system. And it's not just about broad-shouldered guys at the entrance, but also more cunning (and witty) tricks.

On-Demand Shuffle (Dynamic Shuffle)

In expensive cash games, and more recently not only in them, the rule of extra card mixing works. For example, when two players are dealt on the flop, one of them might ask to shuffle his cards before the turn (thus eliminating any cheating schemes). If his opponent knew he was going to win the hand (with the same analyzer), he might be left out.

With this rule, the game takes longer, but the players will have peace of mind.

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