Review Friv Game of Tom Clancy's the Division

Friv4Online Games Studio is associated with the deterioration of graphics in friv games - the French, as they say, cut without a knife. And it is difficult to argue with this even for media populists who adore everyone and everything in a childish way. The publisher was justly branded for sly presentations that made projects look fantastic. During the period from announcement to release, the graphics were greatly simplified, the "fantastic" effect disappeared, and with each new presentation the polygons disappeared, like Rosamund Pike.

When The Division did the same blatant trick, the players were furious. While some screamed at the forums, and others came up with jokes on social networks, the game got to release - in its real, finished form, which is so different from what we were shown three years ago. After spending a week playing The Division, I can confirm what you've probably heard from other members of the editorial board already. This is a very, very cool game for which it is not a shame to give Friv4Online an indulgence.

I play The Division alone, no friends. Not because they are not there, but because it is night. I glance anxiously at my watch, promise to pack up and go to bed. I promise, I promise. An hour later, it becomes a little brighter outside the window, and I'm still there, in the same position, as if rooted to the frontal place. I am looking for reasons. I seem to have a good reason to stay up - a review! After all, before giving an assessment, you need to shoot from each weapon, look into all the trash cans. Otherwise, how? The game is big. I'm small.

I had breakfast in front of the screen. I don't like it when the story in games is presented through audio diaries (especially after Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain ), but I cannot deny their convenience: while listening, you can safely eat. I looked on the map to see which street the next mission was on, but did not lay out the route in the navigator.

Overhead arrows are useful when you need to save time, but without them, the open world becomes more interesting. The interface here is already tiresome and generally interferes with making beautiful screenshots - there is no need for unnecessary clutter. Like spilled ink over the brushstrokes of a landscape painter.

I did not have time to walk a block when I witnessed a fight between two titans - the owners of Manhattan. The crow pounced on the rat and tried to grab it with its claws while it fought back: it got up on its hind legs, jumped, squeaked, tried to bite. I froze so as not to frighten off, and began to wait. Just out of curiosity - I've never seen anything like this in my life or in video games (spoiler: the crow won). What were they fighting for? For food? For the territory? Why was this scene necessary at all? Then I did not find the answer and moved on, but now I understand how important it was to wait for the denouement. But more on that later.

I turn off the alley into a narrow street. In a plundered electronics store, someone swears loudly, and Isaac's assistant computer reports over the radio: "Hostile elements have been found." And he displays a new task for me - to save the hostage. Saving people is, of course, a noble business, but I have a more important task: to search the apartment of a smart guy who decided to release a modified smallpox virus at the height of the Christmas season.

And I was warned that I had to hurry to the apartment, because these psychos with flamethrowers, obsessed with the idea of ​​sterilizing the whole city with fire, were about to come there. Why is command jeopardizing the success of the operation for the sake of one civilian? And then, there are other agents — the special forces are huge.

I sit behind cover and understand: there are no other agents here - just me. How much I play, but I have never met a single one. That is, I saw it once upon a time when they were transferred from Brooklyn to Manhattan. And then it seemed to evaporate - I was alone in the city from the very moment I got to the main base. And I restore it alone. Where is everyone? Maybe they disappeared, like those agents of the first wave, which were mentioned in the audio diaries?

When I was rescuing a hostage, I had no idea how many times in the future I would have to rescue hostages. I specifically wrote “to save hostages” twice (now there are three), but not from verbal poverty and not from the editor’s carelessness, but so that this strange and even unpleasant sensation would be conveyed to you when you save hostages many times in a row. Perhaps these are the same hostages - I don't know. They look the same, they say the same thing, and they never thank. Some confine themselves to a meaningful nod. Hey, I just saved your life! Naughty. And for some reason, every time the kidnappers leave the keys to the lock somewhere near the door. Funny.

By the time I got to the notorious apartment, flamethrowers were already working at full speed. Of course they would have been there anyway - this is a story mission. But their appearance can be easily explained by a delay in the way. The route to any operation is built in such a way that you arrive at the place having experienced a small personal history. You stumble upon gopniks in an alley, watch a rat and a rat fight, rescue this damned hostage - and this is how the game turns from a dry set of missions into a solid, living work with smooth transitions between chapters.

In the residential area where the apartment was located, the roads are littered with debris, in places up to the second floor. And in Times Square, there is nothing like this: the windows are broken, but the surroundings are clean, and at night the square is illuminated by huge screens - as if the epidemic began only yesterday. Nobody lives in Times Square, so there are no garbage bags there. This is so natural and logical that you simply do not pay attention to it - it should be so.

And I'll tell you more. With its detailed, hand-crafted city, The Division has discouraged return to other open world games. How now without laughing look at Fallout 4 , where dried up bodies with broken skulls lie right under the door to someone's house? How much did they decompose there? Several generations? And it never occurred to anyone to clean up where you live.

In The Division, there are impromptu graveyards in various places. The dead are millions, so the coffins are replaced by black plastic bags, but there are flowers, there are memorial plaques. Because that's what real people with feelings would do, not Todd Howard's computer dummies.

After looking for evidence in the apartment of the evil genius, I moved to the base. Usually, when you return from a mission, either the time of day will change, or the weather, and it becomes less boring to go through familiar locations. Especially at night in a blizzard when visibility is zero. But this time I didn’t play the fool and took advantage of the fast movement - all the more, the backpack was already packed to capacity with rags. After each performed operation, you rush to the base, like a first grader home - to show your parents the next "five". Here you can watch a plot video, and buy new equipment (or make it yourself).

If you want a dry statement of facts and a description of the possibilities of the game, refer to the detailed guide by Anton Orlov. From there you will find out all the fascinating details of how weapons fire here and what they do in the endgame.

The main thing that the base gives is the ability to see with your own eyes the results of the work done. Chaos reigns in New York - entropy is growing, and the agent's task is to gradually reduce this entropy. Ripped off the arms baron's deal, seized the merchandise, returned to base, and built a shooting range. And this is not a conditional 100 points to the defense of the galaxy, as it was in Mass Effect 3, but a real shooting range - go and test new weapons. Each extension adds new abilities to the character and changes the look of the base. It was important for me to feel at least some progress, and I got it.

In The Division, every detail works for the atmosphere, but it instantly disappears if you constantly play with a crowd of friends. The city needs a hero, not a bunch of friends making greasy jokes in voice chat. A well-coordinated team is required after reaching the maximum level - then the tasks open to hardcore difficulty. Replaying missions will be difficult (very), but the reward for them is appropriate. In other words, the game has potential: the maximum level and the completed story campaign do not mean that there will be nothing else to do.

After unloading at the base, I decided to look into the Dark Zone - a large area around the Empire State Building - a quarantine part of the city, into which sick people were driven. There were a lot of other agents (so that's where they all went!), Who took equipment from the local bandits and sent things for disinfection. From the outside, it looked like beating babies - the marauders were squeezed from both sides and riddled in just a few seconds. Either they had nothing to profit from, or just someone got up on the wrong foot - two groups of agents, four in each, began a firefight between themselves. I, of course, was not surprised, because I saw all this while playing the beta version, but very soon I regretted that I popped in here without friends.

“When the command is watching you, you do one thing. And when they let you off the leash, it's completely different, ”the deserter agent says to the protagonist. This phrase perfectly reveals the essence of the Dark Zone. There is always something to do in Manhattan for the good of society, but there, behind high walls, greed and deceit reign. Yes, you can avoid attacking other players and defend loners from hostile agents. But they do not get into the Dark Zone by accident - you can get the coolest equipment there. Therefore, it is impossible to portray the paladin for a long time, the thirst for profit prevails.

Playing the whole night alone, I only went to bed for dinner. By that time, I had already admitted to myself that the responsible approach to review, which I used to justify a sleepless night, is nothing more than a beautiful excuse, self-deception. The real reason is New York won't let go. And it's not even about the plot, which you still don't believe in, or about the Dark Zone, which is, in fact, a game within the game - it's just that The Division has the best open world in my memory. I've always expected this kind of elaboration from big story-driven games, but got it from a hybrid MMOPRG and a shooter. Surprisingly and pleasantly.

Of course, sooner or later, New York will cease to amaze - you quickly get used to good things. We need to think about what we will do here in the future. Any online game is a great entertainment service with many years of support. The Division has the potential for development for years to come, but no matter how good it is on release, without regular updates in a year we will only remember jokes about downgrade.

In the meantime, we have a pragmatic "now", and with this "now" we need to work, it needs to be evaluated. And this "now" is wonderful. I said this and I will insist - no matter what they throw at us later the scathing about "brought in", "sold out" and "swallowed". Everything is much more direct, more honest and obvious. It's just that The Division, as I wrote, is a very, very cool game. Cool on many levels - both as an MMO, and as an open world, and as a tactical cooperative action game. Steep by exactly nine points. And we'll see in a year. Now is the time to enjoy this very "now".



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