Lake Ridden Tips - Main Missions # 007

Solutions for puzzles in Upper Garden

As soon as you decide the stone riddle, the passage will open. You will fall into another place - the upper garden. There you will meet Nora. She will help you with riddles. Here you will also find boxes with puzzles.

Nora puzzles

As soon as you decide the riddle with stones, the passage will open. You will achieve a big fire. Nora will appear there. She is invisible, and she will start talking to you.

After a short conversation with the hole you will reach closed gates. Your new friend will tell you what she knows the code, but you must first answer three questions before she gives you it. Answers can be found in the garden.

I can go far and quickly, but I always come back - the swing. Just go to the swings and click on them. You will see 5 lines. This is the first code number.

On the other side of the bridge there are still some gates. To open them, you must compare the symbol on the lock. It consists of 5 parts - the one in the center cannot be moved. You must compare the remaining characters with it. Pay attention to the contours and light. Light figures must match the light parts of the symbol.

Place the stone with a snake symbol in the middle of the temple. By moving the shrine, place the stone on the left side of the horizontalist - on the second position.

I show time, but I work only during the day - sundial. Number 2 is written on it. This is another part of the code.

Last mystery: I sit on a hill. I am made of wood, but I'm not a tree. The answer is a house marked with a symbol of a wolf. It's by the fire. As soon as you return to him, you will notice 7 on the wall. This is the last part of the code. All numbers together make up code 527. After entering the code, you will fall into the next part of the garden.

Music Box

In the next part of the garden you will meet the ruined bridge. Next to him there will be a bunch of boards and a music box.

In order to open a music box, you must immediately repeat the melody that it will play. You must do it 3 times. Once you start the music box, you will see the movement of the buttons. When the melody is over, you must press all the buttons just as the game showed. Below you can see exactly how the melody goes. Just press the buttons marked with the correct number. Melody is much longer than in the case of the first music box.

First melody - 7, 3, 6, 1, 5

Second melody - 1, 6, 7, 1, 3, 9

Third melody - 2, 8, 1, 3, 7, 4, 9

Opening the music box, you will get a knife. You must use it to cut the rope with the boards. Then post the board on the bridge and go on. nordic style rings

Organization chart