Metal Gear Solid V Tips - Mission: Finding the XO Military and Children's Soldier Commander

You can either knock down, or take a walk on children's soldiers in the village

Go to the village. Before approaching it, try to spend good exploration (you can use the help of D-Dog and Quiet), because it is a good idea - avoid being noticed throughout the mission. Go to the main buildings. It is best to walk around the children soldiers with whom you encounter, or walk around them. In the first case, remember that children should survive, so use weapons for sleep (if necessary, you can also count on a hand-to-hand fight, but then you risk alarming others).

The first of the characters you need to be removed is XO in captivity. It is kept in the shelter in the central part of the village, and it is shown in the screenshot above. It should be noted that there are several children around the prisoner of war, and you will have to remember this because you will soon try to save the prisoner.

Removing prisoners of war and commander

Start with the neutralization of the commander. You can approach it and shoot a sleeping gun several times from the sleeping gun or attack it at a distance (here you can use the help of "quiet", unless it has a suitable rifle). After that, sample to the captive XO. Make sure there are no children soldier nearby, and if necessary, run some of them. Only then take the prisoner of war.

The best way to quickly accomplish this mission is to download the commander and the prisoner of the jeep in the village, because in this way you perform one of the secondary tasks (removing both targets from the machine). The vehicle was shown in the screenshot above.

Ugly jeep from the card

After you put both goals in the jeep, do not try fullton it, because the likelihood of the prisoner is high. Instead, go behind the wheel and move north. You need to drive on a jeep outside the mission district, thanks to which you complete it.

Note. If for any reason you cannot use a jeep, it is best to request a helicopter and deliver both goals to the extraction area in the southern part of the map.

Note. After performing this mission, you will learn about the strange disease spreading around the maternal base. You do not need to perform any actions. Just read the preliminary procedures for sending personnel to a quarantine zone.

Climb on rocks

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