Webinar Software Integration - Common Features of Today's Popular Ecommerce Software Systems

When selecting the best webinar softwares for your online business, you will need to consider a few things. Not only will you need to consider the required technology, but you will also want to think about the analytics that the platform provides. Both of these are vital to helping your business to grow. What is the best webinar softwares for your online business?

Webinar Software Integration

Common Features of a webinar software

First of all, you need to think about the common features that webinar software provides. There are two prevalent features and they are screen sharing and recording. You should consider what features each has and how well it fits into your workflow.

Some of the more popular webinar softwares have built-in email marketing integrations. This can be an excellent tool for email marketing, but you must be careful because not all softwares has these inbuilt integrations. If you want to be completely effective with email marketing, you will have to do your email marketing integrations. If you cannot integrate your email campaigns through the webinar software platform, you may want to look at other options or choose a different webinar software company.

Important webinar software integrations

There are some very common webinar software integrations that you will want to take a look at. These include multi-level registration, reseller and tie-in programs, online registration, and mobile access. Many different softwares are available that offer these integrations. You should try to explore all of your options to find the one that best fits your needs. 

Email Marketing

One crucial factor to consider when choosing a webinar software is email marketing integration. Most softwares will have a built-in email marketing system, but some will not, so you will need to research which ones are popular and find out their email marketing functionality.

Automated registration pages

These registration pages can be set up for almost any reason and are completely automated. You can use these computerised registration pages to get new leads, remind people about earlier registration dates, or contact your leads after RSVP. You can set up these automated registration pages in different ways. Some people will use webinar automation to automatically add attendees to an email list; others will use pre-written content that they send out to the entire list regularly.

The real-time feature of the email system

This can be anything from an on-demand email delivery system, to voice communication, to text messaging alerts. This is the only area where you can go wild with on-demand features. Some companies like Onewayshopping focus a lot on this area, while others like GetResponse concentrate more on providing pre-recorded webinar material.

The advantages to an on-demand system include the fact that you can track registration forms and responses much easier, and you can use this information later for follow-ups. Some of the most well-known hosts live chat systems include Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger, and Skype. Many of the on-demand providers offer systems that allow you to record your webinar, but most of them also have tools that will let you plug in the audio from the webinar into other formats, such as PowerPoint or Vimeo. They also provide the infrastructure to support other integration systems, such as those that allow you to capture email addresses and set reminders for registration.

Analytics Integration

Most of these products offer the ability to export your data to a CSV or HTML report, as well as to Excel or Google Analytics. In addition, they often provide statistics on the number of unique visitors, which the host received, how long they stayed and how frequently they clicked on the host's landing page. This data is useful for many different business purposes, including determining if a specific offer is driving sales or not, determining if the product or service is making any profit, and lastly analyzing the demographics and behaviour of visitors to make changes if necessary.


You must now understand all the essential types of integrations that should be present on your webinar software. So, it’s. Still, most time that you compare all the webinar softwares available around and choose the best ones for your business.

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