Districts and regions

French District

The District dates from the foundation of the Fraternity of St. Peter in 1988.  Fr. Denis Coiffet (1952-2015), one of the founders of the Fraternity, first organized its handful of apostolates as its first District Superior.  It now serves over 85 apostolates in France and French-speaking Belgium.

The work of the District is centered upon providing a full Catholic formation for the faithful in places where it serves through the liturgy of the Traditional Mass, devotions and pilgrimages, adult education, catechesis with les Trois Blancheurs, Catholic Scouts, retreats, publications and the support of families through groups such as Domus Christiani.  The District has also founded and developed a number of schools, both local and boarding, according to the great demand for Catholic education from primary school up to University.

The French District his headquartered in Bourges, France and is served by Fr. Benoît Paul-Joseph as the District Superior.

Website of the French District: www.fssp.fr

German-speaking District

The District dates from the foundation of the Fraternity of St. Peter in 1988.  Its first house was in Wigratzbad, Germany, the motherhouse of the Fraternity, and what is present day location of the Seminary of St. Peter and a large apostolate.  The District has grown to include over 79 apostolates in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.   Along with serving in local chaplaincies which provide a parochial life for the faithful, the work of the District has greatly developed in academic studies, publications, and ongoing formation of priests as well as in the formation of the faithful through CKJ, family camps in the summer and retreats.

The German-speaking District his headquartered in Wigratzbad, Germany and is served by Fr. Stefan Dreher as the District Superior.

Website of the German-speaking District: www.petrusbruderschaft.de

North American Province

The North American District began in 1991 – only three years after the Fraternity’s foundation in Europe – with just two priests in Dallas and then in Scranton.  With a great demand for the Fraternity in various dioceses, and a large number of North American vocations, the present day seminary of Our Lady of Guadalupe was soon founded in 1994; temporarily in Scranton and later in its permanent home in Lincoln Nebraska.  Due to the generous invitations of bishops through North America, the District has been able focus on providing a full parochial life for the faithful, with over 50 personal parishes and other apostolates in more than 40 dioceses.  Along with this formation of the faithful through the traditional mass and catechism, the District has worked extensively in the formation of other priests, in particular through training them to offer the Traditional Mass and to appreciate the in the historical, liturgical and theological principles which formed it through the centuries. Following the decision of the 2018 General Chapter, the North American District (USA and Canada) has been erected into a North American Province on July 1, 2021.

The North American Province his headquartered in South-Abington, Pennsylvania and is served by Fr. William Lawrence as Provincial.

North American Province website: www.fssp.com

District of Oceania

The Fraternity first sent priests to Australia in 2000 in response to an invitation of His Eminence George Cardinal Pell. The Southern Cross Region was then born with several apostolates in Australia and New Zealand. In accordance with the directives of the 2012 General Chapter the Southern Cross Region (Australia and New Zealand) has been erected into a District of Oceania as of July 1, 2021. This District also serves the requests of bishops and the faithful in other parts of Oceania and Asia through the training of priests, conferences and retreats for the faithful.

In Sydney the Fraternity erected Ezechiel House in 2004, which serves as a first-year seminary for vocations from throughout Oceania and Asia.  The District is served by Fr. Michael McCaffrey as the District Superior.

Webiste of District of Oceania: www.fssp.net



The Fraternity of St. Peter has been serving the Mission in Umuaka, Nigeria since 2001 when it was invited into the Diocese of Orlu in Imo State.  Bishop Gregory Ochiaga had asked the Fraternity to come build and serve the Diocesan shrine dedicated to Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Nne Enyemaka, and to reintroduce the Traditional Latin Mass to the faithful in Nigeria. From here the priests of the Fraternity not only serve a personal parish with the sacraments, catechesis and formation, but also provide educational services in the classroom; agricultural training; summer camps for children; and health care for many in the village.

Website of our mission in Nigeria: www.fsspnigeria.org



Located in the fertile mountains outside of Bogotá, the Fraternity Mission in Anolaima began in October, 2006. Bishop of Girardot, Héctor López Hurtado, invited the Fraternity to serve the rural villages with a primary focus on education. In 2009 the Fraternity of St. Peter opened the Catholic primary school in the village with just 25 students. Through the great generosity of benefactors and the tireless work of the priests at the Mission, there are now approximately 200 who profit from this education which the emphases studies in agriculture and livestock, as well as the Fraternity of St. Peter the arts.  The Mission also works to aid and organize local farmers according to the Social Doctrine of the Church.

Website of our mission in Colombie : www.fsspcolombia.com


Other Houses

The Fraternity of St. Peter also has a presence in other countries which due to cultural, linguistic and geographic reasons are outside of the three current Districts, and will hopefully be the foundations for future Districts. All of these houses are currently directly under the General House of the Fraternity.

In Great Britain the first three houses of the Fraternity were founded in Edinburgh, Reading and Warrington.

The Fraternity has been present in Poland since 2001 when it began its apostolate in Cracow.

In Italy the Fraternity has two houses which serve the Parish of the Santissima Trinità dei Pellegrini in Rome and S. Simon Piccolo in Venice, as well as other apostolates in cities nearby.

The Fraternity has been present in Mexico since being invited by His Eminence Juan Cardinal Sandoval to the Archdiocese of Guadalajara in 2008 to found a parish. It later opened a second house at the Chapel of the Immaculate Conception at Salto del Agua in Mexico City in 2014. From here the priests also serve other apostolates in Mexico.